Spot Light


I had an amazing experience in meeting a lovely blogger, one who is so sweet and uplifting in EVERY comment, and so for her to become a sponsor of my blog was so amazing.. I am happy to introduce her to you lovely readers of mine!
After you finish reading this.. No matter what go show some love to this lovely blogger!
Renee is the twenty-something girl behind This Won’t Hurt A Bit. She’s a nurse and blogs about a bit of everything. Life, love, recipes, fashion and music… along with a nurse story or rant every now and then. One might call her a bit random, but she has a huge heart and tries to show her love for life through her blog. Life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns though so she may share her sorrows with you as well. I hope that you will all go check her blog out and show her some love on twitter! She looooves hearing from readers!
Why did you get into blogging? 
I got into blogging for a creative outlet. To me blogging is a way to express myself and document memories all at the same time. I read blogs for a long time before I finally decided to make the jump to writing my own. And I honestly can’t understand now what took me so long.

What made you want to be a Nurse? 
I can remember when I was little and people always asked what do you want to be? I always said doctor or journalist. Random combination I know. I honestly decided that Nursing was what I wanted to do after I realized exactly how long it takes to complete medical school, residency, and fellowship.That is entirely too much school for me. (Although I plan to apply to go back for my Masters in the fall)
I had a somewhat unrealistic or fairytale idea of what a Nurse did. Once I got started in school I quickly realized that patients can be mean and some can be totally rude but there are some that make your day. Some patients and their families I will never forget and that makes me love my profession more each day. God had a plan that was bigger than my own plans so he certainly knew what he was doing putting me in the Nursing field.
The 3 things you would tell someone visiting your city? 
I would tell them… 1. Please let me know when you come through because I love to meet new friends. 2. No matter how horrendous our accent may sound – all Mississippians are not under-educated hicks.3. Eat. Eat all you can because Mississippi has some great food. And surprisingly Jackson has some really great restaurants. Jackson even has one vegan restaurant if you can believe it!
What are your 5 go to items? (You always have them) 
One. My pillow. I love to sleep. Day or night. I love naps they make life better.
Two. The iPhone of course. Technology is spoiling. I wouldn’t function well without my camera, clock, alarm clock, email, social media – all in one place. ha.
Three. The TV. I watch an obscene amount of TV. I could probably fund the TiVo/DVR companies just from my usage alone.
Four. A Debit Card. I very rarely have cash on me. And even if I do it’s only a few dollars.
Five. Chapstick or Kleenexes. Kleenexes are slightly more random than the other option although both are true. But the boyfriend likes to make jokes that I have multiple boxes of kleenex tissues in every room. I do not however. His eyes sometimes play tricks on him.
On Pinterest what do you mainly pin? 
I have entirely too many pins. Before pinterest was invented I emailed all these amazing things to myself so I would remember them and then the amazing creation of time consumption was developed and I have wasted many a hour on there. My favorite two boards are the Recipe board and the Quotes board. Along with the Humor board.
Favorite outfit when you are not head to toe in scrubs?
I don’t dislike scrubs but it is certainly nice to dress up every now and then. I wear black a lot. I have multiple LBDs that range from casual to dressy. I also wear jeans and some type of tee quite often. Sometimes with a t-shirt and flip-flops, other times with boots and a cute sweater.

Dedicated to the ONE I LOVE


Life started for me in the arms of people I love, and I hope for it to the end that way too.. With you I know it will. Our romance started so long ago… so long ago I was a different person. A person who was hurt, scared, cowardly and young. You made me feel alive, and when the person I was hurt you and the person you were hurt me we separated to begin a life of comparing people to each other. The woman I became was one I wanted you to be proud of.. educated, healthy and happy.. meeting someone that I thought was perfect; my ex turned me into someone I am not proud of. He made me second guess who I am, what I want, my family, the people who love me, love, and my life. Cancer made life even worse.. But meeting you again changed it all.. I know at first I was a little shaken and not so trusting causing a lot of lies, and hurt between us.. but you were amazing.. taking care of me and walking around all of it like a real trooper. A whole year life was full of learning about each other again with a wall up.. and I am proud to say you really helped me break that wall down.. Now we are at an impasse where you dont feel as loved or understood because of the wall you helped break.. this blog post is dedicated to you, and our love.. because from now on my life is dedicated to making you feel better about everything and continuing on.. I love you very much, and I am sorry for hurting you..

Book Club


Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn?
So far I am Jackie, and I am ok with that. I love Marilyn but the way it all unfolds for the book.. I am Jackie.
“The life and style of Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis are at the centerpiece of Keogh”s whimsical book.”

(-Harper’s Bazaar )

“I love this book! Jackie and Marilyn”s timeless fashion aesthetic extends beyond generations – the fact that their style inspires us is a testament to their originality.”

(-Jason Wu )

“Figuring out whether you are a Jackie or a Marilyn will revolutionize your closet and transform your love life. Okay, so I”m exaggerating a bit…but it”s still a fantastic read!!!”

(-Simon Doonan )

got all those via Amazon


When it comes to iconic personas, two of the most classic are the debutante and the bombshell. But in today’s world, sometimes women want to be both. On the surface, Jackie and Marilyn were polar opposites, but they had more in common than just JFK. Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? explores the enigma women have pondered for ages, alongside inspiring advice based on details from Jackie’s and Marilyn’s public and private lives.
Readers start by taking the definitive quiz to determine where they fall on the Jackie/Marilyn spectrum, and then it’s on to customized advice on beauty and style, sex and marriage, power and career, decorating and entertaining, and more. Any woman who has aspired to Marilyn’s sultry allure or Jackie’s unstoppable elegance will love these entertaining lessons on channeling your inner Jackie or Marilyn in any situation. Packed with charming two-color illustrations, this is the book that gives every woman her own star power.
I enjoy the place it has taken me, and the advice/lessons it offers.

Hating day


Again while most of you guys are busy doing what you are LOVING things … I am busing HATING things today…

Basically what I am hating is feeling like crap.. so I HATE cancer.

I am going to take the time today to share with you some symptoms of Ovarian Cancer… in hopes of saving some lives, and making people more aware.

Cancer can happen to anyone.. at any age on any day of any month… No one is immune and being aware of your body is the difference between life and death.


The signs/symptoms of ovarian cancer are:
  • .. A swollen or bloated abdomen.
  • .. Pressure or pain in the abdomen, pelvis, back, or legs.
  • .. Feeling very tired all of the time.
  • .. Feeling the need to urinate frequently.
  • .. Nausea, indigestion, gas, constipation, and diarrhea.
  • .. Heavy or unusual periods. .. Feeling full all of the time.
  • .. A loss of appetite.


Now you are not limited to the above nor is it possible to have all of them.. but just to be clear I have had them all in stages.
So again.. HATE cancer.
LOVE life.

What are you hating or loving today?

Sick Brain


Mister: So tell me about everything.
Me: What do you want to know?
(While watching Finding Nemo)
Me: I bet the fishermen of world had a hard time with the fish after they saw this.
Everyone: Ummm.. What?
Levi (male friend): That “End of the World” show looks awesome!
Me: I guess so but if it is the “End” how do we watch it….
Mom: What are we going to cook for dinner?
Me: I don’t know
Mom: Well we have to think of something
Me: Why don’t we eat out?
Mom: Ok, What should we get?
Me: Rice I want rice.
Seriously.. Lately I can not think and I swear it gets worse when I have been off the meds for a bit.

Ever had Sick brain?